Europe of the Near Future


The European Union has been one of the biggest disasters in European history.  Radical Islam has just walked right in and taken over huge neighborhoods everywhere in Europe. From where they build Sharia and committ terrible terror.

We remember Paris. Brussels. Nice. We remember London.

This will not continue much longer.

Europe has traditionally, throughout its history, two ways of dealing with craziness in political leadership and societies.

The French Revolution came at a time when the people could stand no more of the waist and disaster that had hit them since the time of Louis 14th to Louis the 16th. In violent uprising that was a bloodbath, they wiped out the old system. It gave them Emperor Napoleon.

The alternative is revolution through the ballot box.

There is still hope that Europe’s impending revolution will happen at the ballot boxes in France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain. The alternative gives me nightmares.