War and Revolutions Our Near Future in Europe?

With the fall of the West Roman Empire, the East Roman Empire continued for another thousand years. Then it fell to the invading armies of Islam in 1453. But for a thousand years the capital of the East Roaman Empire was Constantinople. It was to some degree the East Roman Empire that saved the modern world for the West.

After the East Roman Empire fell to Islam, the islamists ruling the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, did what Muhammed had told them to do in the Qoran: They started killing and conquering Christians and Europe. With huge armies they conquered much of what is today the Balcans. The islamist Ottomans were only stopped for good at the gates of Vienna in 1683, as they were attempting to take Vienna and all of Europe.

Islam had ruled Spain for 8 centuries until they were defeated by Christian armies in 1492, and by early 17th century expelled from Spain.

Today Islam is again trying to conquer Europe.

The threat to Central and East Europe always came from what is today Turkey. The threat to Spain from North Africa and the Middle East.

We are again fighting the old war with Islam. Again, it originated in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa.


We have only one lesson we can learn from history in regard of muslim attacks and invations : To defend ourselves and beat them.


The use of Trojan Army soldiers military strategy that Islam is using for penetration of Europe today is no less lethal to our life and civilization then were the endless armies of the Ottomans. The soldiers of Islam are now living among us, hiding in sleeper cells until ordered to attack us.

But this time the leaders of Europe are weak and incompetent in leading this war against the islamic intruders. Hence, they are endangering the lives of all Europeans. They are endangering our way of life; our civilization.


Europe cannot and will not let Islam win. Again, we will form our defenses, beat Islam and chase them out of Europe.


We have a weak NATO that, under American misled propaganda has tried to tell us that the threat is from the East, from Russia. Nothing can be more misleading. Russia is never the enemy. The enemy is Islamist, and Russia can be a very important ally in the fight to beat the Islamists. Turkey is showing us again that it cannot be trusted. To the contrary, the Turkish islamist party under Erdogan should be watched very carefully. They probably do not belong in NATO, since they can never identify with the Christian and enlightened values of Europe and America.

The United States will in about one year have a new President, and new Commander in Chief. I am convinced that President will be Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. In  any case; America would join the ideological and armed fight against islamists. That means that the Obama staffers in NATO will be changed. And we can all feel safer.

In the coming war with Islam, I predict an earthquake of political change all over Europe. Germans will not for long let Merkel continue to endanger and ruin Germany. Same story in France, where Marine le Pen has a very good chance to be elected President of France in two years. Sweden is likely to have Jimmie lesson as PM from -18.

But there is a question how long the peoples of Europe will sit still and permit today’s politicians ruin their countries. Revolutions may well follow. Europe has historical traditions for that.


And what will happen to the EU? I suggest it will fail and therefore fall.