Victory for Central Europe and Italy, defeat for EU Commission

At the 28 June EU meeting on Immigration, it was decided to just kick the can down the road. If anything, it is likely to increase the number of illegal migrants and create huge problems in the closed camps that will be built in Europe by countries that are mad enough to volonteer to build them.

Who are candidates for such madness? Well, France of course, under the lumping leadership of Gallic megalomaniac Macron. What about socialist Spain? The decisions on who receives the illegal migrants has been moved out of the European Commission, which is a positive sign. Other than this, nothing will change.




Will Trump be a Neocon Puppet or a Great President?

President Trump’s new policy towards Russia could be collapsing. Unless Secretary Tillerson can save it when he goes to Moscow soon. If not, is Trump’s war on terror damaged before it has begun?

Ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech in the Security Council on April 5th was undiplomatic as far as Russia is concerned, and could well have put a nail in the coffin of Trump’s reset policy with Russia. President Putin will not accept it.

If this were to be be the case, Trump is on his way into a situation in the Middle East where Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and every terrorist group would be his enemies.   Russia would continue to build its allianses across MENA and everywhere else.

Any successful war on ISIS and all the other terror groups will get nowhere without a strong ideological and psychological war on Radical Islam. Another ideology must be put in its place.

President Trump may well now order strikes to take out the Syrian Air Force. Will he then face confrontation with Russia?

What kind of action will Trump take against Iran? Economic and Technology sanctions?

We will soon know more about the outcomes of President Trump’s meeting with China’s President Xi. Its worth remembering that there is a strong alliance between China and Russia. That covers the new Eurasia strategy as well as Syria. Does Trump plan military strikes in North Korea to destroy their nuclear program and facilities? And their ballistic rocket capabilities? Is Trump then prepared for the invasion by the north of South Korea that may follow? Russia has a joint border with North Korea. So does China, as we all know.

The Korean Peninsula is one of the most dangerous regions in the world. At the end of the day, North Korean nuclear capabilities may have to be crippled.

Who is visiting Trump since he took office? Those he wants to build an alliance with. Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, Germany, UK, Denmark, Japan. These are the countries he is building an alliance with. With Tillerson and Lavrov meeting soon in Moscow, the probably are preparing a meeting between Trump and Putin. They should. Failure to ally with Russia in the war on terrorism/Radical Islam, would be a historic mistake.

So is Trump going to be a puppet of the neocons in Washington or a great President?


Europe of the Near Future


The European Union has been one of the biggest disasters in European history.  Radical Islam has just walked right in and taken over huge neighborhoods everywhere in Europe. From where they build Sharia and committ terrible terror.

We remember Paris. Brussels. Nice. We remember London.

This will not continue much longer.

Europe has traditionally, throughout its history, two ways of dealing with craziness in political leadership and societies.

The French Revolution came at a time when the people could stand no more of the waist and disaster that had hit them since the time of Louis 14th to Louis the 16th. In violent uprising that was a bloodbath, they wiped out the old system. It gave them Emperor Napoleon.

The alternative is revolution through the ballot box.

There is still hope that Europe’s impending revolution will happen at the ballot boxes in France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain. The alternative gives me nightmares.

The unintelligent elites

Can elites be dumb? So it seems.

For soon 8 years the elises in the West have followed the clueless and destructive policies of a clueless community organizer from Chicago. A junior senator who talked his way into the White House. Who knew nothing else than talk.

During these eight years, the EU continued its agenda of destroying Europe. It’s countries and their peoples. They failed to protect their borders, and imported radical Islamists in the millions. Who destroy Europe from within. They destroyed the economy. The jobs. The foreign policy. At their head a looser from tiny Luxemburg.

How could it be that America and Europe permitted such stupid leaders to govern?

Democracy is not liberal. It is not a liberal democracy. It People’s rule. The majority, not the small minority rules.

When the peoples of Europe take their countries back and kick the EU on the dustbin of history, it will happen fast. Everywhere. Trump has shown the way.

My favorite poet, next to Shakespeare, said:

“We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar
Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

– The Hollow Men”
― T.S. Eliot, Poems: 1909-1925

A remarkable description of the political, media, academic elites around Europe. You should shiver in you clothes now. The People is soon coming to fire you.

The Hillary Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate

Documentation has been established of the most notorious criminal syndicate in American history: The Hillary Clinton Crime Syndicate. Watergate pales compared to this.

Even the media is part of the crime syndicate. Individual, corrupt reporters and the corporate owners of media outlets.

Political violence is part of the methods. Hillary Clinton is the Gotti and Capone of American politics.

America cannot have a president like Hillary Clinton . The corruption and crimes are far too grave for that.

America has corrupt political system

America has a corrupt political system that should worry every single believer in democracy anywhere in the world.

The corrupt political American system can be boiled down to three simple points:

  1. Rich millionairs pay money to politicians to do what they want. Corrupt politicians accept this money, grow rich, and do exactly as the money-people tell them to do.
  2. Rich millionaires pay money to the election campaigns of corrupt politicians, so the politician will follow the will of the donor. Not of the voters. Recent examples are Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.
  3. Elections are corrupt. It is the candidate who pay the party bosses who decides who the delegates will be.

Politically, the United States is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It takes a man with the caliber of Donald Trump to change it from the bottom up.




Countering the Islamic invasion: How will the peoples of Europe and America react?

We are at the beginning of 2016. 100 years ago the world was in the middle of a devastating war.
In Europe, World War 1 broke up the Habsburg Austrian/Hungarian Empire, until Emperor Napoleon conquered them, known for centuries as the Holy Roman Empire. It embraced at its peak, huge areas of Europe.

It included the Balkans after the Muslim Turks were beaten back, it included western Ukraine.

At the collapse of the Habsburg monarchy in 1918, the countries in East and Central Europe were laid open to future struggle and wars over these vast territories buffering west and east in Europe.

Then, as a result of socioeconomic and historical causes, followed the terrible nazi reign of Adolf Hitler from 1933. With the nazi extermination of millions of Jews and other “foreign” elements through the 1930s until the end of World War 2.

Nazi Germany fought for economic, political, military control ,- and lebensraum, in and of all of Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic and MENA.

We know what happened. Russia to a large extent won us the war at an enormous price of dead and wounded soldiers and civilians.

Josef Jughashvili had risen from his upbringing in Georgia, partly in Tiflis, to become Stalin, absolute ruler of the enormous Soviet empire. How Hitler ever imagined he could attack the Russians without utter destruction to himself and Germany is a mystery of folly and hubris.

How, 75 years later, a man like Obama could ever imagine he could take on the Russians, is the same kind of hubris and folly.

Angela Merkel is today trying to accomplish the same as Hitler: Dominance of Europe. Using as her political tool the European Union.

Her goals go agains the historical experience of Europe. The peoples of Britain and France will in the long run not let Germany get away with it.

Enter Muslim invasion and terrorism into America and Europe. In what is clearly a well planned and organized new invasion by Islam into Europe and America. The goal of this invasion is, if we listen to statement by ISIS and Muslim leaders, to take over and control the West. An old dream of Islam. Kill the “non Muslims”. Terror, rape and murder is used as weapons to create fear and chaos. Christians are being systematically murdered in a massive genocide of the Christian population in MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

The islamist Troyan horse is already inside the United States and Europe. Waiting for orders to kill and annihilate Christians.

In Europe it is the countries of the former Habsburg empire that understand what is happening. Because they were the marching grounds of the big Ottoman Muslim armies that in former centuries tried to conquer Europe. They know the muslims and their ways. They keep them out.

Historically, Russia has always had trouble and wars with Islam in the South and South-East. Hence, the Russian people have learned by historical experience that they must keep Islam out.

Facing the danger of a planned Islamic invasion by ISIS and other Islamist groups, Russia strikes first. In preventive action to safeguard its southern flank. And to help stabilize Europe.

The folly of the Obama administration in this picture is likely to be treated harshly by history.

It may be that the United Stated is experiencing the rise of a statesman, a political leader of historical format in Donald Trump. We will soon know.

In Europe it’s not possible to see a single political government leader anywhere close to the format that is needed.
Europe is lead by mediocre leaders. By spineless leaders without any talent to lead amid the biggest crisis since Word War 2: The new invasion by Islam, and its attempted takeover.

We see the reaction among the peoples of Europe. They are in the middle of a process to throw the political leaders out of their comfortable aparatchik government offices, forming new political movements to do so. We see it all over Europe. Hungary already has a good leader in Prime Minister Orban.

In some years the unstoppable popular reaction to the so called politically “correct” politicians and parties will have removed them from office.

What will happen during these processes is hard to predict. We know the examples of the French revolutions, of the nazification of Germany in the 1920s- and 30s. And of the Russian and American revolutions.

And what will happen in the civilization clash between the West and Islam in America and Europe? Will Christians sit still and let Islam take over their countries? No they will not.

So what will happen then?

Think about it.