Will Trump be a Neocon Puppet or a Great President?

President Trump’s new policy towards Russia could be collapsing. Unless Secretary Tillerson can save it when he goes to Moscow soon. If not, is Trump’s war on terror damaged before it has begun?

Ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech in the Security Council on April 5th was undiplomatic as far as Russia is concerned, and could well have put a nail in the coffin of Trump’s reset policy with Russia. President Putin will not accept it.

If this were to be be the case, Trump is on his way into a situation in the Middle East where Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and every terrorist group would be his enemies.   Russia would continue to build its allianses across MENA and everywhere else.

Any successful war on ISIS and all the other terror groups will get nowhere without a strong ideological and psychological war on Radical Islam. Another ideology must be put in its place.

President Trump may well now order strikes to take out the Syrian Air Force. Will he then face confrontation with Russia?

What kind of action will Trump take against Iran? Economic and Technology sanctions?

We will soon know more about the outcomes of President Trump’s meeting with China’s President Xi. Its worth remembering that there is a strong alliance between China and Russia. That covers the new Eurasia strategy as well as Syria. Does Trump plan military strikes in North Korea to destroy their nuclear program and facilities? And their ballistic rocket capabilities? Is Trump then prepared for the invasion by the north of South Korea that may follow? Russia has a joint border with North Korea. So does China, as we all know.

The Korean Peninsula is one of the most dangerous regions in the world. At the end of the day, North Korean nuclear capabilities may have to be crippled.

Who is visiting Trump since he took office? Those he wants to build an alliance with. Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, Germany, UK, Denmark, Japan. These are the countries he is building an alliance with. With Tillerson and Lavrov meeting soon in Moscow, the probably are preparing a meeting between Trump and Putin. They should. Failure to ally with Russia in the war on terrorism/Radical Islam, would be a historic mistake.

So is Trump going to be a puppet of the neocons in Washington or a great President?