What is likely to happen in Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Golf? 1

Are we getting closer to new wars between sunni and shiite Muslims? What will happen in the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Golf? How will Israel be placed in a possible war between sunnies and shiites?

The following period will show if Egypt drifts towards civil war, or if the powerful military will manage to keep the country together and steer it beck from the brink of economic collaps. What happens in Egypt will influence what happens in Syria. It is difficult to understand that sunni Arab states would permit shiite Iran to develop nuclear weapons. That would forever place the small minority of shiite muslims to dominate the sunnies, who are in great majority amomg muslims.

So will we see the sunni states lining up with America to stop Iran acquiring the atom bomb? With Israel staying out of it, as it did during Desert Storm? Yes, this could be a scenario which might unfold.

Below is an overview of sunni and shiite populations in Muslim countries.

Sunnimuslimer verden rundt[rediger]

Utbredelse av de største lovskolene i hovedtrekk

Sunnimuslimer utgjør en majoritet i de fleste muslimske land. Her er en oversikt over de fleste landenes prosentandeler:[trenger referanse]