Obama’s total Failures in Foreign Policy 1

Yesterday, at ‪#‎UNGA‬ President Putin said this about the USA:
“I fear that the question will stay in the air because the policy that has at its base self-assurance and conviction in its own exceptionalism and impunity has still not been renounced.”
Is President Putin right? Yes unfortunately he is. And it was so clearly demonstrated by Obamas speech yesterday. His foreign policy is in total chaos. Therefore some reporters are referring to Obama as the emperor of chaos and sh*t.
Vladimir Putin has ascended the place as the world’s leading statesman. He acts wisely and he acts decisively. Leaving the likes of Obama, Merkel, Juncker, Tusk behind, revealed as useless leaders.
Western media do not understand Russia. Are the recruitment of reporters so bad that they cannot find reporters who are able to read the history of Russia the last 1000 years? And to look at the map? To study and understand Russia’s geopolitical position?
If they did, they would know in the fraction of a second why Russia goes to war with ISIS. And why they want stability in Syria, Iraq and Iran.
Did you look at the map now? Then you see how incredibly short the distance is from Syria, Iraq and Iran to the south of Russia!
Then understand how Muslims for more than a thousand years have flowed into Southern Russia.
Oh no! President Putin does not want ISIS around. And he wants stability. He will not allow Obama to continue to screw up the Middle East.
After Obama’s unlawful coup in Ukraine, he pretty much screwed up his relationship with Russia. He is now well on his way to destroying his relationship with most traditional American allies in MENA, the Middle East and North Africa.
In Asia they are laughing at Obama’s failed “pivot” to Asia. There he met the joint power of two great Pacific nations, China and Russia. Together they have launched the successful Silk Road projects, basically aiming at one massive economic market from Tianjing, Vladivostok to Moscov, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Brussels, Paris.
Obama is totally isolated by his administration’s incompetent policies.
His Iran deal is likely to turn out to be catastrophic. Giving the Islamic extremists of Iran not only nuclear weapons and delivery platforms to nuke New York and LA. Due to the incompetency of Obama, Iran will be the leading sponsor of war and terrorism in the world.
Obama will leave the presidency soon. We must hope he will not create even more trouble to the world before he goes.
I for one, hope Donald Trump gets elected. He knows what he is doing.


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