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Strange Days

Our Spanish correspondent Hermes takes a hard look at the present phantasmagorical reality of Modern Multicultural Europe, and the imminent dystopian future that inevitably awaits it.

Outraged citizen in Belgium

Strange Days
by Hermes

These are strange days indeed.

What we are witnessing in these days is the fading away of entire societies, the gradual disappearance of a way of life and a set of values which may well have been their own hangmen. Democracy somehow does not seem to work as it should, or as one thinks it should. Democracy is backfiring on the West itself.

Some weeks ago in the district of Molenbeek in Belgium, an Islamist political party called “Islam Party” succeeded in installing Redouane Ahrouch, the very founder of the Islam Party, and Lhoucine Ait Jeddig into the City Councils of Anderlecht and Molenbeek-St. Jean respectively, thanks to votes from those towns’ significant Muslim populations. Redouane Ahrouch himself stated that: “We are elected Islamists, but above all, we are really and truly Muslims,” and that “we will become an Islamic state.” This was said openly in front of TV cameras by a newly-elected member to a Belgian City Council. Sometime later, and while the pledge ceremony was taking place, an outraged citizen stood up and figuratively slapped the Town Council’s face with the (otherwise openly declared) truth about those two new Muslim council members.

So what is all the fuss about? A majority of citizens voted for a party which wants to introduce an absolute dictatorial ruling system which is the exact opposite of democracy. That is, the introduction of a totalitarian ruling system is being carried out through democratic means. Democracy itself is allowing dictatorship to emerge. That is, a given political system is allowing itself to be overthrown by a new one, which in theory should be prevented from emerging by the previous one.

By the way — the reaction of this outraged citizen was something to be highly praised, and also an example to be followed by everybody… but the problem is that this courageous and fully justified reaction to the dreadful events that were taking place in the city council was, tragically enough, a reaction against the outcome of a democratic process. So in the eyes of democracy, his reaction was, again tragically enough, barely justified.

Remember this? ““Thanks to your democratic laws, we will overtake you; thanks to your religious laws, we will rule over you.” This statement was uttered by the Imam of Izmir, the citation itself coming from Gernot Facius in the newspaper Die Welt on 06.10.2001.

They could not express themselves more openly. This is as if the Achaeans had been telling the citizens of Troy that they would build a wooden horse, hide inside it, and once the horse had been towed inside the walls, they would spring out and take over the city — and the inhabitants of Troy were providing the Achaeans with wooden planks, nails and ropes in order to build the horse.

It is exactly the same. The west is enabling Muslims to form political parties, with the help of which sharia — the exact opposite of pluralism and democracy — is slowly being introduced into the democratic system itself, thus undermining it. Democracy is allowing itself to be abolished.

And this is happening all over Europe. Muslims are slowly becoming members of political parties and of local, national and the European parliament while also participating in Islamic associations. And parallel to this, the Muslim population steadily increases, thanks to immigration and the high birth rate within this community. That is, a voter base is being slowly created in order to overthrow democracy in a democratic way.

According to the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, the very success of democracy spells the death of democracy itself. Factions fighting for power would arise within the democratic government. And because these factions only see democracy as a tool to be used to ascend into power, their squabbling and abuse of democratic principles create chaos and disorder in the system.

Should restrictions on democracy be imposed? Nowadays this is scarcely imaginable, since in this case we would no longer be talking about democracy, and there seems to be a general obsession with democracy as the first and foremost system of government, without which no life would be possible on earth.

“Democracy” is the mantra of these strange days we are now living in. Democracy is being exported to the Middle East, and the result of this has come surprisingly quickly, as the democratically elected Mohammed Morsi decided to grant himselfsweeping powers.

Many say that democracy is flawed, a political system with many drawbacks and pitfalls. But perhaps one could say that democracy itself is flawless. The problem lies not in the system itself, but with the people who take part in. It is like when one says that alcohol causes traffic accidents. It is not alcohol causing them, but people drinking too much. And it is not free access to weapons that causes school shootings, but the irresponsible behavior of people who use them. It’s humans, and not the system itself, who are flawed — namely by greed, hatred and delusion. And by this I mean not only politicians, but the easily influenced masses.

Given this regrettable situation in Europe, perhaps one has no option but to observe silently the unfolding scenario. Muslims are becoming not only a mere demographic, but also an elective majority, and all the more so since native Europeans are leaving the continent in great numbers, in this way passively augmenting the number of Muslims who will vote for their own Muslim representatives, as has already happened in Molenbeek in Belgium. This was long ago forecasted, but because the Western man, contrary to Muslims, seems to generally to lack the capacity for long-term thinking, or simply an ability to take long-term warnings seriously, this was bound to happen.

The demographic boom of the Muslim population is occurring in parallel with an overwhelming diaspora of native Europeans, and this may trigger a gloomy scenario: soon there will not be a large enough native European workforce to be squeezed in order to continue giving welfare benefits to the exponentially increasing number of immigrants plus their children.

European professionals are giving up their current life and leaving Europe in ever-growing numbers. They are leaving a continent which is steadily sinking intopoverty and turning into an asylum center for the entire world. The Dutch are leaving The Netherlands out of fear of the overwhelming flood of Muslim immigrants who have no intention of integrating, but plan to turn the entire country into an uninhabitable sharia swamp. The native British are also fleeing their homeland, deserting the UK while new floods of immigrants are expected to arrive to the shores of England, and the most recent data show that this trend is accelerating.

Germany is also losing its most talented citizens, who are looking for a better life abroad, while the country is increasingly suffering from a nationwide plague of immigrant-related crime, all in the face of the most blatant indifference and passivity of the authorities, who are even (still) trying to depict the unfolding cataclysm as something positive and enriching.

France also has its share of all this mess, of course, where the little-known, but — in spite of all the efforts made by the MSM and French politicians to conceal and/or ridicule it — certainly present phenomenon of anti-white racism is slowly but surely becoming an everyday reality for the native French. Many of the natives are looking for better opportunities in French-speaking territories such as Quebec. In this case, as in others mentioned above, and more to follow, it is about young and educated people with an enterprising spirit who migrate. They see no chances to succeed in today’s Europe, a ramshackle continent struggling to keep its political and financial structures in one piece, which are irremediably bound to collapse.

Spain, which is the European country with the highest unemployment rate in the EU, is also losing thousands of talented people who seek a better future in, most interestingly, such countries as Ecuador, a country from which some years ago nationals flooded to Spain in order to take their share of the booming construction industry, or Brazil, where authorities had to set up restrictions on Spaniards landing in the country of samba and cairipinha, including holding a return ticket with a fixed departure date or enough financial resources to live in the country. Has any European country ever taken such measures regarding immigration?

Portugal has recently experienced a brutal increase in the number of nationals emigrating from the country. 80% of Portuguese nationals emigrating outside of Europe land in Angola, but another preferred destination is of course Brazil, a country which both experienced professionals and newly-graduated engineers see as a new land of opportunity in order to make advance professionally or start a career.

One may be tempted to draw parallels between this and other European diasporas such as that of Swedish emigration to America during the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, or that which took place from Ireland after the potato famine broke out in 1845. But in those cases it was just immigration, and not population replacement, as now happens in the West. Young, educated and entrepreneurial Europeans are leaving the continent en masse, and this gap is being filled with millions of uneducated, uncivilized, and mostly aggressive people coming from cultures in which social standards are quite different from those of Europe. A population replacement is occurring with the excuse that the Western population is aging and shrinking. But what are the reasons for this aging and shrinking? By now everybody must have a clue about this. These immigrants come from countries in which honor killing, stoning, child-abuse and other barbarities are already present, or are slowly becoming the norm. And it is precisely this kind of people which are most likely to shape the future of the European continent.

History has seldom witnessed such a degree of blindness and ignorance on the part of the ruling elites (even taking into consideration that all what they do is willful), who continue with their infamous machinations even in spite of the consequences of their policies knocking at their doors, and this cannot therefore be described as a simple miscalculation or the wrong policies having been chosen. If one sees that certain policies have effects which were initially not desired, then one tends to abolish them, or put into effect new policies which counteract those erroneous ones taken earlier. Or, as this essay states: “When an experiment or a medical trial is injurious and damaging to its subjects and patients, one usually stops it. If the experiment continues, those responsible will likely face investigation and later prosecution.” There may be a certain degree of miscalculation indeed, but this may be due to the insane and irrational nature of the very roots from which these kind of policies originate. Because the creators of these directives are adamantly convinced that they are right, they are also adamantly convinced that things must turn out as they have planned, and anybody contradicting them and/or pointing to the blatant mistakes and to the even more blatant outcomes of their paranoid acts is to be promptly squashed with the never-fading “Nazi-fascist” mantra.

An ideology based on utopian visions of the world and societies, an ideology created and promoted by those whose thirst for power and control over people mixes with surreal ideas about how societies which have been perfectly functional for centuries must ideally look like (as if they were affirming that until now, and for centuries, societies have been functioning on the basis of erroneous paradigms!), and of how members of that society must be, according to the parameters of their utopian theories.

These days we are living in are strange days indeed. Citing Takuan Seiyo: “These are historic, incredible times. Walk through them with wide open eyes, for nothing like this has happened since the fall of Rome.”

These times are incredible indeed. They will provide historians of the future with sufficient material to study and debate for several human lifespans.

Originally published by Gates of Vienna.


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