The European Union, No Worthy Nobel Winner as it creates havoc, starvation, misery and violence among the peoples of Europe 3


The European Union had been to Oslo receiving its Nobel Peace Prize. It has been said that without the EU, there would still have been another war in Europe. We do not think so. Who is to tell? Germany is now to all practical purposes more powerful in Europe than Adolf Hitler dreamed of. The EU is to day the tyrrany of the Germans, their government, institutions and businesses over a total European market of 500 million people. Politically as well as in business. The Euro has been forged and kept to serve Germany’s interests in a common currency in the huge market of 500 million people, a market were German goods, commodities, services, cars, can flow freely and serve the general well being of the German state and people. That was also Hitler’s general vision of Europe.
We have seen in our days how the German economic model of Europe brings poverty, misery and strong social unrest in large parts of the EU. The EU has emerged as enemy number 1 to the peoples of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, the UK. In fact, all over Europe. As a consequence of the EU, we seee the ever stronger development of nationalism on the radical right and left. Because of the EU, its policies and methods in forcing the German model on Europe.
Today, the EU is creating havoc, huge misery and conflict in large parts of Europe.
It will get much worse. And soon.
We remeber that the European leaders are not democratically elected. The are appointed by the very small elite of Europe who meets behind closed doors in the backrooms of Brussels. The lack of democracy in the EU hopefully will be corrected when the peoples take their democracy back.
We hold the EURO to be an artificial and unsustainable currency, created to serve Germany, and which has become a straightjacket to countries in Europe, preventing economic growth and freedom in countries like Greece and many others.

All Norwegians should rejoice that Norway is  not a member of this insane club, where the ambition is a federal union where all decisions are made in Brussels and no national sovereignty remains. A Union run by Germany for the good of Germany, the German people and its economy. In other words: The good of the German 4th Reich. The dream of Hitler and his Nazi thugs.

We encourage all Norwegians to work for removing Norway from the EØS, which is a slave contract Gro Harlem Brundsland gave Norway when she was Prime Minister. It is an unworthy slave contract, and Norway should get out of it as soon as possible. The second gift Mrs Brundtland gave Norway was an unchecked, immense muslim mass immmigration, which has altered the country in ways we strongly object to.
Norwegian politicians must now in the coming decade get Norway out of the EØS, and stop the mass immigration into Norway of Islamists who want to build a sharia state in Norway. It will require resolute politicians with a good and sound democratic basis among the grass roots of the people, so it is the the people’ wish that is followed, not the conspiring and corrupt nepotists in the Labour Party.
Anne Enger Lahstein: We need you now once again to lead the fight to get Norway out of EØS!