European Union Unworty Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2012 2

The citizens of the EU are very unfortunate citizens. They live in a european union where democracy hardly exists, where the policies of the EU have driven millions into poverty and misery, where there is more unrest and violence than for a very long time.


The EURO is an uttery flawed currency. it brings havoc and ruin to large parts of Europe


The Europen Union intends to continue in a centralistic and undemocratic way by shaping a federal union which goes against history, culture, common sense and peoples will.


We recommend that citizens of Europe begin demonstration marches on Brussels and Berlin, in order to take back the power to control their own future.


The Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the EU in Oslo today is a mockery of the will of Alfred Nobel, and brings shame to the Peace Price.


The chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committe Thorbjørn Jagland does not seem to have the talent and competency it takes to lead the Nobel Committe. It is time he is removed from this office.


The whole committe should be appointed again, and filled with only the most qualified and competent people to make decisions on who receives the Peace Prize. The awards during the recent years have been a series of very unfortunate decisions.