Europe: The all too visible dangers of the Islamic immigration

Emerging dangers of the Islamic immigration

There is much discussion concerning the social and historical background for the terror attacks in Oslo on 22 July 2011.
Something like this was not unlikely to happen, seen on the background of the irresponsible immigration policies on Islamic immigrants intoNorway over the past 50 years. We should be astounded, however, that it happened so early. Various Norwegian governments have been pursuing reasonably unconscious immigration policies towards hordes of Islamic immigrants over the last 5 decades. The policy lacks legitimacy in the Norwegian population. The socialist parties, and particularly the Labour Party, have been picturing those who warned against the dire consequences of the irresponsible immigration policy as clowns and laughable persons. Like for instance the charismatic leader of the Progress party, Carl I Hagen. Much of what he has said on immigration will come to pass.
European history is a well documented record of what has happened inEurope over the centuries. Norwegian governments and politicians the last 50 years never understood that the experiences of history must be remembered also in Norway. That when a too large population of Muslims set out to conquer huge living space in Europe, which now again is the case, Europeans will strike back, and punish its leaders. Their hold on power will weaken in the long run.
In Serbia, not too long ago, we even experienced that NATO with European participation, sided with the Muslims against Europe’s own population. This policy was lead by the United States, a country without much historical experience, except that they annihilated the native population of North America, almost to extinction
Europe has been through more than a thousand years of continuous Muslim invasions into European territories. From Turkey (the Ottomans), the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and the Golf. Have we forgotten the lessons from the rise of the nazis and fascists in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s? Apparently yes. About what happens in a Europe of large unemployment, poverty and a large and rapidly growing minority population with a very different value system than the Christian enlightened outlook that prevails in Europe. And that if governments ignore the lessons of the past, history will repeat itself.
Norway is no different than Germany. In Norway too, the Nazis were on a solid march forward before the Second World War. And the following of the Nazi party was considerable in Norway during the war. 
What happens now will have Islam as the main background for increasing nationalism. It will be very important for Norwegian politicians to make sure that the conquest of Norway by Islam is stopped. And that those who are already here will be educated into full integration with Norwegian culture and values.